The difference between commercial neurofeedback and true neurofeedback

Think model airplane versus a Gulfstream jet. That’s the difference between commercial products with very restricted neurofeedback training and what true neurofeedback is really about. They simply hijack neurofeedback with a commercially available product that’s very simple and basic, training a few points with very standard protocols but with no capacity to look at your brain, where it is, and train it accordingly with that understanding.

neurofeedback training

With plenty of commercially available financing, you see advertisements for these commercial neurofeedback treatments everywhere, including Minecraft, Mendy, and probably many others. But they work by getting a band and training a few locations on the brain. In contrast, true neurofeedback training focuses on training 19 points, and we only train after doing a quantitative EEG (QEEG). We map the brain and understand what makes sense to train first, second, and third. Then we remap and train some more.

Commercial products have a few set protocols. And in fact, their developers will have no idea whether their product could be training something in the wrong direction. It could be training something already too low further down or something already strong to be stronger. Moreover, if you look at their results, you’ll see that they mostly have testimonials, but you won’t find a double-blind, scientifically conducted research study. On the other hand, home training with QEEG-driven neurofeedback is like the Gulfstream jet versus a model airplane – it’s the real thing. It will make a difference in most cases, and it’s quite sophisticated and capable of making significant changes in the brain.

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