This question comes up quite often. I understand where moms or dads are coming from. They’ve read the research. They understand that neurofeedback is a level four or five intervention for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, ranking it among the highest quality interventions out there with no side effects, unlike medication. They also know that it offers sustained and improving results over time as the brain reorganizes. So they want to know whether it will work for their children.

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The answer is that, while not always 100% effective, it is likely to work. There are situations and conditions where we find remarkable results and others where we see less-than-ideal results. Neurofeedback is a very forward-focused technology; it does not look at what happened yesterday, last week, or last month. It’s only interested in a better feeling, better-functioning brainwave and then rewards that pattern. When working with children, I spend at least two to four sessions with parents explaining how to set up their homes, how to parent, and how to communicate in ways that are also forward-focused.

When we do this and align everything so that what happens at home, in the environment, and with the child is also forward-focused, we find that neurofeedback provides amazing results. There are some reports that sound fantastical when kids who were struggling and going down a very difficult path, unable to function and thrive, perform much better at school, get along with parents, and have more ease and enjoyment in their lives. In fact, many kids who couldn’t dream of going to college have suddenly been able to with great optimism.

Such results are very inspiring. I’d be happy to share some of them with you, so if you want to speak more personally, please give me a call. You can set up an appointment by calling our offices or filling out our contact form.

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