Bye Bye Bedtime Battles


By: Dr. Randy Cale

Why let bedtime battles steal the happiness from you day, and bring misery and fatigue to your tomorrow? If you battle with bath time, bed time stories or getting kids to put down their toys, or even helping your child to sleep in their own bed…there is help!

My Bye-Bye Bedtime Battles is designed with only one goal in mind: Get the kids to bed quickly and easefully, with no battles or struggles. Is there a learning curve? Yes, but usually it only lasts a few days. If you are losing sleep, or there are regular at bedtime or perhaps you notice your child is controlling the bedtime routine more than you, then it’s time for a change. Why notice invest a little time in a easy to install bedtime routine, that brings you some ease and good sleep quickly? Get my Bye-Bye Bedtime Battles here! And remember: Everything here comes with a zero risk money back guarantee. It works, or you get your investment back.

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