Homework Habits


By: Dr. Randy Cale

Are you worried about your child͛s academic future? Do they just do the minimum…and even that is a struggle? You battle, argue, and negotiate daily with no improvement in the homework habits?

And the ultimate question: Does it feel like you work harder than they do at their homework? Almost like …it͛s your homework (and it͛s NOT!).

If any of this sounds like your home, then my Homework Habits Made Easy program may be for you. This is a focused, precise program aimed at families where there are daily struggles with homework, and where kids resist and complain about their work. For children with a wide array of temperaments, you will learn to give up battling and get control over these critically important daily routines.

Nothing works 100% of the time for everyone, but this formula is proven in thousands of families with very challenging children and teens. Try it now, if you want change: Homework Habits Made Easy.

And remember: Everything here comes with a zero risk money back guarantee. It works, or you get your investment back.

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