Strong Willed Toddler


By: Dr. Randy Cale

If you have a strong-willed toddler, throw the normal rules out the window. And yet, most of you with these more challenging toddlers already know this. Why? Because you have likely tried all the tips you can get, and yet… nothing is working. (and it’s not going to…unfortunately)

IF this is you, then you might consider my program, Raising the Strong Willed Toddler. While this program remains very short on theory, and focused on giving you specific tools It’s set up to give you a small DAILY piece to practice, adding a small piece to the formula over 7 days. Most parents are seeing the change within the first five days. Please understand: It will be a tough week, but it will get better…and it will get better quickly! Of course, I can’t promise any result as too many pieces are out of my control. I can promise you a program that has been proven to work most time, and also ZERO risk. Like everything here at Terrific Parenting, if it doesn’t work… you get all your money back.

The time is now to get a handle on a strong-willed toddler. Here is the link to the download

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